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All is Fair in Love and Twitter

Twitter really helps organize my thoughts and be concise, so my blogs may come as a ramble. But I do have points.

A handful of you may remember me from my early Twitter days beginning in August,  when I was Co_Man_Do and my avi was a pair of boxer shorts with a red line drawn through it. It’s surprising how much has changed since then. When I started, I was so green and scared how I would be received I was too afraid to be out with my sexuality, much less really talk about me as a person. Some of my tweets are straight-up real. And while a lot of what I tweet is still based on real stuff from my life and how I perceive things, don’t believe for one second that I’m giving away anything close to the whole story.

For me, Twitter is more a fantasy land more than anything. A place full of real people jockeying to be heard, to be sure. But a place where people take their reality, color it with humor and put it on display for an ever present audience. None of us would be tweeting if we didn’t seek validation on some level, and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. Stars and trophies and kudos from other people feel good; It’s an ego stroke and if we’re lucky, we’ll get to know a few these people on a deeper level.

I think I have a decent sense of humor, and I love making people laugh. Aside from sex, it seems to be one of my few inherent skills. But as soon as Twitter stops being fun for any reason, I’m going to walk away. Twitter drama is a pointless waste of energy and I refuse to be drawn in to it. While I will stick up for myself and the people I like, I won’t waste a lot of time on assholes and bullies - that’s what the block button is for.

So that’s my first ramble, and it was a good ramble. Definitely all over the place, but I think I’ve answered a few questions about me that I never really bothered to address before. Thanks for reading it.


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